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Sustainable Agriculture Business Development

Supporting - Integrated Food Security Portfolio Management
Ensuring - Food Security and Job Creation 


VAA develop personal competencies to ensure sustainable business creation and operation as part of integrated agriculture, wildlife and tourism development solutions.

Competency = Knowledge, skills, attitude, ability and capability 

VAA’s Logo explained

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VAA’s Basic Philosophy

  • Growth through partnerships with local communities, agricultural institutions, suppliers, off-takers, schools, colleges, universities and training service providers.
  • Not bound by “Mortar & Bricks” infrastructure.
  • “Zero-drop-outs” – recognize “the Hero” in every individual and assist each one to achieve “the Best I Can-Be”.
  • Virtual delivery with local support – “living farm learning experience”.

Human Capacity Building Triangle


Each Learner is offered the opportunity to develop in accordance to own personal capability and interest.


There will be "No Drop-outs", only "Agri-champions" once tenure is completed.


Learning is a lifelong journey through Virtual Agri Academy.

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